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CDG Mx Retreat

Here at CDG we plan to change the way you train by giving you a single facility to cater for all your needs to prepare for upcoming motocross season.

Located in the Spanish Mountains you will not find a nicer scenery to spend your time training.

Phase 1 


We have a track designed and built by Johnny Douglas Hamilton of Terraforma Mx Circuit Design, he is one of the top track builders in the industry famous for a number of Grand Prix circuits he has created.


Our Parking will be of a level surface over looking the circuit with 3 VIP areas for a more private experience

Phase 2

The Facility 

The facility will consist of a state of the art gym focused on the most popular motocross training methods.

Changing rooms and toilets that you would actually be happy to use. 

A Large workshop facility will be available to keep your machines in top condition with 2 jet wash bays 

20m Lap pool to add into your training and recovery programme

Lastly a lounge bar around the pool to quench your thirst after a long day of MOTO!  

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